Mirinda Gets Her Perodua Car Model During Her Birthday

In a quest to look for a brand new car as a gift to my girlfriend Mirinda during her 25th birthday, I found myself combing car magazines and reading lots of car reviews online. I also approached most of my friends and family members asking them what car they thought would suit the beautiful girl best. Of course, I got a lot of car suggestions from them. However, I dismissed most of the suggestions as either too costly or not good enough for Mirinda. But my Uncle Bob’s suggestions beat them all. Uncle Bob is a mechanic and has therefore amassed a wealth of experience in the automotive industry. And what did Uncle Bob suggest I buy? He suggested a Perodua Axia 1.0 SEAT and went on to show me the incredible perodua price 2015.

The perodua prices 2015 was simply irresistible. The car too looked exquisite. Its green color accentuated its sleekness. On seeing the car model on the Perodua website, I undoubtedly knew what Mirinda’s reaction would be on getting the Axia 1.0 SEAT as a present. Her face would brim with joy as her dimples sunk with blushing. She would then rush to where I was standing and give me this passionate kiss that she always gave me whenever she was exhilarated.
Uncle Bob told me that the car model had a strong engine and could cruise at amazingly high speeds. Its sleekness did not end in its exterior but extended to its interior where the upholstery was in a state of the art condition. The soft purr of the engine as the car ignited would soothe Mirinda whenever she was tense and the cozy seats would keep her in great comfort as she rode the machine. Uncle Bob went on to tell me that Mirinda was lucky to have such a caring boyfriend to buy her the machine. Anything for Mirinda, I thought. If anything, the Perodua Price 2015 had dropped by 1.6% from previous years- a great discount, I reasoned.