Decided to go Virtual

After months of looking for just the right space in just the right location, we decided to go virtual and immediately found a spacel. We really wanted to have an office to call my own but, honestly, all the good spaces that we like are really out of our price range right now. We started looking for a decent room about, what….four months ago now?


We finally had to be realistic about our cash flow situation and our need to actually have some clients and decided to use foundaspace ┬áto get us a quick deal. The space itself is amazing and we can go in and use it for meetings. The secretaries seemed really nice and they were really supportive of our business plan, so that’s an important step, I guess. Anyhow, Cheryl and I went out and got some expensive wine to celebrate. We were thinking about getting a babysitter but decided to splurge extra on a decent Merlot, so now we just wait for the twins to fall asleep so we can get to our private party. They’re in bed but I can hear them murmuring in there, so we’ll just unwind while we wait for them to pass out.

We decided that we’ll be starting up on Monday so that we have some time to get everything ready. I was all prepared to start tomorrow because we have some potential clients that have been waiting to hear back from, but Cheryl convinced me to wait to make sure we had everything organized and didn’t end up stressed out by rushing. It’ll give me a little extra time to draw up some work plans for the potential clients anyways, I guess! So, wish us luck! We’re off to self-employment in a week!

Please keep us in your thoughts, especially if you need any media created for a campaign. We’re cheap!