The Perfect Shun Knife


The word “shun” originates from the Japanese period when fruits are ripe and other foods reach their maturity. This is the season when foods are perfect, ready, and fresh. Best rated shun knife is preciously that. If you are searching for a knife that will provide you that edge in your kitchen,

The Shun Classic 8”: The classic 8” knife is one of my best knives from shun. It is also quite popular on the market. It features a VG-10 steel core and is fully clad with thirty-two coats of high-carbon stainless steel. Where else can you get that? Its’ layered part helps keep my sliced foods and fruits from sticking to its sharp edge. Classic 8” has a sixteen degree per side blade angle which makes it sharper than most style knives that are often twenty-two degrees per side. With Shun Classic, chopping my food is always a piece of cake.

The Shun Dual Core 8”: The shun dual core 8” all-purpose Kiritsuke knife provides seventy-one microlayers of alternating VG-2 and VG-10, high-chromium, high-carbon stainless steel. Its dual design ensures that both sheets of steel touch the edge. The knife is strong but thin, weighing about 6.9 ounces – feels light on my hand.

The Shun Sora 8”: The shun sora is one of the newest entry form shun. The curve of the blade is placed further toward its tip on this knife. It has a sixteen-degree blade and uses VG-10 steel. Its handle is crafted from a polymer instead of real wood. It’s also a lightweight product, weigh about 6.6 ounces. I never get tired when chopping fruits using this knife: lightweight, strong, and sharp.

The Shun Ken Onion 8”: This is a huge departure from what we are used to getting from Shun. Its total length is 12.75” and uses a VG-10 steel blade with 32 layers of stainless cladding. Its curve is similar to the majority of the Western style knives and boasts of an ergonomic handle that improves comfort while reducing fatigue.

I love shun knives because of their razor sharp, amazing edges that combine high performance and steel to make them the best kitchen must-have.