The Perfect Shun Knife


The word “shun” originates from the Japanese period when fruits are ripe and other foods reach their maturity. This is the season when foods are perfect, ready, and fresh. Best rated shun knife is preciously that. If you are searching for a knife that will provide you that edge in your kitchen,

The Shun Classic 8”: The classic 8” knife is one of my best knives from shun. It is also quite popular on the market. It features a VG-10 steel core and is fully clad with thirty-two coats of high-carbon stainless steel. Where else can you get that? Its’ layered part helps keep my sliced foods and fruits from sticking to its sharp edge. Classic 8” has a sixteen degree per side blade angle which makes it sharper than most style knives that are often twenty-two degrees per side. With Shun Classic, chopping my food is always a piece of cake.

The Shun Dual Core 8”: The shun dual core 8” all-purpose Kiritsuke knife provides seventy-one microlayers of alternating VG-2 and VG-10, high-chromium, high-carbon stainless steel. Its dual design ensures that both sheets of steel touch the edge. The knife is strong but thin, weighing about 6.9 ounces – feels light on my hand.

The Shun Sora 8”: The shun sora is one of the newest entry form shun. The curve of the blade is placed further toward its tip on this knife. It has a sixteen-degree blade and uses VG-10 steel. Its handle is crafted from a polymer instead of real wood. It’s also a lightweight product, weigh about 6.6 ounces. I never get tired when chopping fruits using this knife: lightweight, strong, and sharp.

The Shun Ken Onion 8”: This is a huge departure from what we are used to getting from Shun. Its total length is 12.75” and uses a VG-10 steel blade with 32 layers of stainless cladding. Its curve is similar to the majority of the Western style knives and boasts of an ergonomic handle that improves comfort while reducing fatigue.

I love shun knives because of their razor sharp, amazing edges that combine high performance and steel to make them the best kitchen must-have.

My Personal Story About My Old Sewing Machine



I sew on my grandmother’s sewing machine, which is at least 25 years old. There are plenty of top brands of sewing machine to buy on the market, but I love it mainly because I am a sentimental sap. I feel very lucky to own this particular gorgeous vintage machine. I need not worry about any computer system and the insides are also full of metal. I think it also has most of the necessary accessories, like a button holder, the manual, and some extra goodies, like all of the original pattern cams for the decorative stitches.

Unluckily, I faced some troubles with the cams. Although I followed the rules in the guidebook, the things wouldn’t really change the stitches. After all, this particular sewing machine functioned perfectly most of the time; clearly, that stitch control was not that essential. However, I do feel the need for a second opinion every now and then.

One fine morning, I was driving down a road that I have driven down on many occasions before when I spotted an Oreck/Singer dealership. I immediately halted and went inside where I met a man in his 70s to whom I complained against my old machine and expressed my desire to purchase a new one. He told me to bring the old machine and offered to have a look at it for me. I immediately drove back and returned along with the machine within an hour. He opened up my machine and showed me how all the parts worked together and claimed that he had not seen a machine like mine in a while, and he wasn’t sure exactly what was wrong with it. I returned to my house disappointed.

I tried my best to find out the solution on the Internet and eventually I found a post where there was information about my exact model of machine. I immediately sent an email to the author of the blog and requested her to send her advice on how to fix it. I sent some photos of the internal parts of the machine and to my surprise she asserted me that my machine was absolutely okay.

Now that I knew that it is not missing any parts and no internal component is broken, I don’t have anything to complain against my beloved old sewing machine. I am satisfied with whatever I’ve got and aspire to use the beauty in the best possible way I can.

Mirinda Gets Her Perodua Car Model During Her Birthday

In a quest to look for a brand new car as a gift to my girlfriend Mirinda during her 25th birthday, I found myself combing car magazines and reading lots of car reviews online. I also approached most of my friends and family members asking them what car they thought would suit the beautiful girl best. Of course, I got a lot of car suggestions from them. However, I dismissed most of the suggestions as either too costly or not good enough for Mirinda. But my Uncle Bob’s suggestions beat them all. Uncle Bob is a mechanic and has therefore amassed a wealth of experience in the automotive industry. And what did Uncle Bob suggest I buy? He suggested a Perodua Axia 1.0 SEAT and went on to show me the incredible perodua price 2015.

The perodua prices 2015 was simply irresistible. The car too looked exquisite. Its green color accentuated its sleekness. On seeing the car model on the Perodua website, I undoubtedly knew what Mirinda’s reaction would be on getting the Axia 1.0 SEAT as a present. Her face would brim with joy as her dimples sunk with blushing. She would then rush to where I was standing and give me this passionate kiss that she always gave me whenever she was exhilarated.
Uncle Bob told me that the car model had a strong engine and could cruise at amazingly high speeds. Its sleekness did not end in its exterior but extended to its interior where the upholstery was in a state of the art condition. The soft purr of the engine as the car ignited would soothe Mirinda whenever she was tense and the cozy seats would keep her in great comfort as she rode the machine. Uncle Bob went on to tell me that Mirinda was lucky to have such a caring boyfriend to buy her the machine. Anything for Mirinda, I thought. If anything, the Perodua Price 2015 had dropped by 1.6% from previous years- a great discount, I reasoned.

Decided to go Virtual

After months of looking for just the right space in just the right location, we decided to go virtual and immediately found a spacel. We really wanted to have an office to call my own but, honestly, all the good spaces that we like are really out of our price range right now. We started looking for a decent room about, what….four months ago now?


We finally had to be realistic about our cash flow situation and our need to actually have some clients and decided to use foundaspace  to get us a quick deal. The space itself is amazing and we can go in and use it for meetings. The secretaries seemed really nice and they were really supportive of our business plan, so that’s an important step, I guess. Anyhow, Cheryl and I went out and got some expensive wine to celebrate. We were thinking about getting a babysitter but decided to splurge extra on a decent Merlot, so now we just wait for the twins to fall asleep so we can get to our private party. They’re in bed but I can hear them murmuring in there, so we’ll just unwind while we wait for them to pass out.

We decided that we’ll be starting up on Monday so that we have some time to get everything ready. I was all prepared to start tomorrow because we have some potential clients that have been waiting to hear back from, but Cheryl convinced me to wait to make sure we had everything organized and didn’t end up stressed out by rushing. It’ll give me a little extra time to draw up some work plans for the potential clients anyways, I guess! So, wish us luck! We’re off to self-employment in a week!

Please keep us in your thoughts, especially if you need any media created for a campaign. We’re cheap!

Best Health Goal Really Depends on Your Home Elliptical Machine Option


As a stay-at-home mum, I used to think that I could still visit the gym regularly just like what I did after working hours. The fact is that, I don’t even have enough time to comb my hair! The endless household cores forced me to spend a few days to find the best home-gym equipment that television ads show. I think they are too expensive and don’t deliver similar functions as several gym equipment that I used to try. One day, I was interested in reading about the best buy home elliptical machines reviews 2015 that I came across unexpectedly when I was about to buy fitness apparels.


Instead of shopping around for the apparels—that I didn’t really need—I decided to buy one elliptical machine from a well known manufacturer, in less than $600! You wouldn’t believe it, but this machine works in such a terrific way. Let me tell you that I’ve never had any overweight problem. But maintaining my body shape and weight is even more important. Using this elliptical machine makes me fit every day, even when I only use this equipment in less than 45 minutes a day, three times a week.

The best feature about my elliptical machine is its good design and safety-locked mechanism. Well, other features that it boasts—like ergonomic handlebars, integrated levelers, and various workout programs—may be similar to other elliptical machines with higher prices. Yet, they still can give me lots of exercise benefits, without leaving the house. But, of course, my elliptical machine may not be suitable for some users, who might need to get fit. There are actually some other options of elliptical machines with a lot more comprehensive features like automatic estimated distance and burning calories with the exact duration of workout. Some people might even need to know their heart rate, so they have to choose a machine with a good compatibility with the chest trap.

Well, whatever your goal is, whether you want to have a fully-equipped elliptical machine, or merely the simple one like mine, you will have no shortage of option.